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From berry to black

This is a fun course with a bit of learning about coffee so you get to enjoy coffee more.

Sit back, watch, listen and learn about:

- Green beans, origins and taste profiles

- Robusta vs Arabica

- Cupping scores

- Different types of roasts

- How coffee is roasted, 1st and 2nd crack

- Taste differences between roast variations, what happens during roasting to the flavor profiles

- Actual coffee roasting demonstration

- De-gassing

- Grind sizes

- How to adjust your grind size for espresso, how to make a good espresso

- Best way to brew your coffee at home

- How to make an affogato

The course takes about 3 -4 hours.

Start on saturdays at 10:00

Finish not later than 14:00

Language is English

Location: vikingvegen 7a, Klæbu

(park at Bunnpris and walk into the building, you will see Klæbu Sjokoladefabrikk easy peasy)

During the course you can drink as much coffee as you like :) And there will be some chocolate in case you get hungry. Bring your own matpakke in case you need it.

Costs 800kr pp, minimum 4, maximum 8 persons